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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Time to change the Bed (Base)

When our new mattress and base was delivered a week or so ago, there was a bit of a mishap.  Unfortunately, one of the carriers was fooling around and dropped the base on it’s edge, tearing the fabric covering.  We signed the delivery docket as “damaged goods”, and the furniture truck went on it’s way, no doubt the driver got a flea in his ear for his tom foolery.  The furniture shop we were dealing with sent a replacement today, and it was carefully carried inside without mishap.  The plastic covering was deftly removed, and the legs screwed in place.  The evolution of beds have certainly changed since our previous bed buying experience, as we noticed that modern beds now have nine legs, instead of the more usual four.  Each screw hole had a label stating “screw the fittings in tightly”, just in case someone forgot!  Then the plastic envelope was slipped over the damaged base, and it was carried away. 

DSCF4732 Fitting the legs to the replacement base

The new bedroom furniture (ordered with our new bed) hasn’t arrived yet.  In the meantime we are living out of cartons and crates.  Our current bedroom furniture looks like this!  The new stuff will certainly be a vast improvement, wouldn’t you say?

DSCF4740 Still waiting for new furniture

Hope we have green fingers as we were presented with the makings of a herb garden today.  Dot and Derek, who moved into our village complex a few months prior to us, came calling today and gave us plants of parsley, mint, chives, and rosemary as a welcoming gift.  They had hoped to plant them in the small garden under the kitchen window before we took possession of our new house, but it didn’t work out the way they planned.  What a lovely thought, and a very welcome gift, thanks so much D & D.  And in the weekend, other friends presented  us with a lemon tree for the new garden.  Looks like Robin has a bit of work to do to get everything planted.

DSCF4742 Herbs for our new garden.

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