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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bubbles for Breakfast

The satisfying loud “pop” of a bottle of bubbly being uncorked filled the room.  It was our last day living in our caravan in rural Otaki, and we had a bubbly breakfast to celebrate.  We rustled up the creamy scrambled eggs and crispy bacon, and Geoff and Eileen provided the bottle of bubbly.  Geoff filled the glasses and we had a toast to our new home. 

DSCF4698 Geoff uncorking the bottle of bubbly

We hadn’t long finished our leisurely breakfast when beep, beep, beep,  a text arrived.  “Put the kettle on, we’re just at the dump station”,  It was from our mutual friends Geoff (the other one) and Pauline, calling in for a cuppa on their way home.  Another hour passed pleasantly, catching up with all the news.
After lunch we scurried around, collecting our bits and pieces from the garage, shutting windows and ceiling vents, winding up the caravan legs, and generally getting ready to hitch up for our trip to the new house.  After three months staying with our hosts while the house was being built, it was finally time to move on.  We really appreciated Geoff and Eileen’s kind offer to camp on their property, and did our very best to be model tenants.  Goodbye, and many thanks, and off we went.

Robin needed a little guidance backing into the RV park.  Then it was a matter of walking back and forth, back and forth, while we unpacked the caravan of three months worth of live-aboard clutter.  We had packed clothes for every contingency, and needless to say, a fair few of them never saw the light of day.  When the last load was taken inside, and the fridge cleared of food and washed out, we were ready to call it a day over a cool drink.

Our cat Muffy was not quite sure what to make of her new home.  She wandered around like a lost soul for a while.  There were all sorts of strange things to check out.

DSCF4701 Mmm, never seen one of these before

With a bit of reassurance and a cuddle or two, she soon settled down at Robin’s feet for an afternoon snooze.  As long as she can keep close to us, she is happy.

DSCF4707 Muffy settling down at last

This will be our first night sleeping in the new house, in our new bed, and we have just put the first load in the dishwasher!  Had to get the instruction book out to work out the intricacies of this new technology.  It’s new to us, anyway, we’ve always washed and dried the dishes by our own fair hands up to now.

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Annette said...

Congratulations & thanks for sharing your building journey....hope there is another bottle of bubbly to welcome you!!! Good luck & take care :)