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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Up the ladder and behind the lawn mower

Another busy day for the man of the house today.  He was up the ladder for an hour or so this morning, with me there holding the aforementioned ladder steady for him, then declared “that’s enough painting for today!”  The grapevine needed pruning, so that was done.  Add to that the never ending chore of cutting the lawns, and you can see why Robin is out on the back deck enjoying a cold beer.  It’s certainly been a busy day, we even sneaked in a little bit of last minute shopping, and the 4WD is all fuelled up for our next trip away.  The caravan is still only half packed, but it’s much too hot now, so we can do the rest in the morning.
DSCF8415 Pruning the grapevine
DSCF8416Lots of fruit set on the vine
We wish all our readers, friends and fellow bloggers a safe and happy Christmas.  If you are travelling on the roads, do go carefully.  Watch out for those other idiots who seem to think that caravans shouldn’t be on the roads at all - shades of Jeremy Clarkson who has a real grudge against them.  

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