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Friday, 30 December 2011

Attractions at Castlepoint

We weren’t the only ones enjoying a trip to Castlepoint beach recently.  Youngsters in wet suits ventured out with their boogie boards for some fun in the waves, hoping to catch a decent  wave for a good ride back.  There were plenty of people paddling in the shallow water as they walked along the beach, most of them seemed to be accompanied by children and the family dog. 
As well as the beach there is a lagoon protected by a rock barrier which is a popular and safe swimming spot for youngsters, and is next to the adjacent boat harbour.  Close by are the large boats and their equally large trailers from the local fishing fleet.  Some of the outfits were self propelled trailers with six wheel hydraulic drive, impressive. There must be some serious money tied up in these machines.
We watched as a driver on a blue tractor backed a trailer down to the beach, taking it  right out into the waves as the respective fishing boat came in.  The skipper of the boat has to drive the boat up into the trailer, and once safely in place, the tractor driver puts his foot down and carries the fishing boat safely ashore.
PC280665 Coming ashore
Castle Rock  was so named by Captain Cook as the rock formation on the skyline looks like a castle when viewed from the sea.  Keen climbers tackle this peak and we could see them as tiny dots in the distance.
DSCF8569 Castle Rock, the lagoon,  and the fishing fleet on the beach
While we were climbing up to Castlepoint Lighthouse, Derek had fishing on his mind.  He had recently purchased a surf casting rod and decided to try his luck fishing off the rocks while we laboured up the lighthouse track in the hot sun.  Alas, it wasn’t his day, and the fish weren’t biting at all, so there was no fish on the menu that night.
DSCF8580   That’s Derek on the right
After all our exertions it was time to stop at the local shop to enjoy an ice-cream.  Pamela is recuperating from surgery so wasn’t able to join us on our trek up to the lighthouse.  While the rest of us were out and about in the hot and blustery conditions she was very sensibly relaxing over a freshly brewed coffee in the cafe.  There is plenty to see and do at Castlepoint Beach and the 175km round trip took us through rolling farmland, hills covered with native bush and planted in pine forests.

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