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Monday, 19 December 2011

Does a red one go faster?

Robin has been doing some research lately, checking out mobility scooters.  No, not for us, although he seems to think that having one could well be fun.  His Mum has recently sold her car, and was hankering after a scooter.  Robin found a good second hand scooter from a reputable dealer, and after consultation, was given the go-ahead to purchase it on his Mum’s behalf.  He collected it and brought it home.  Vroom, vroom, it certainly worked OK, and he gingerly rode it around our back deck.
It had a basket in the front, and a pack on the back of the seat, so there was lots of room for his Mum to put her shopping.  There was even a holder to slip her walking stick in so she could carry it safely.  And with a fluttering flag for added visibility and safety, it should be just the thing for a jaunt down to the shops.  We delivered it to her and Robin ran over the instructions with his Mum.  It’s a wee bit to get your head around at first, but with a bit of help she was raring to go.  The first challenge was to ride out of the garage down the driveway which has a small slope.  That was a bit scary the first time for her, but after a couple of practice rides she was soon getting the hang of it.
DSCF8401 The first ride
Bonnie had several runs around her complex and had no trouble at all on the flat.  In fact, she rather enjoyed herself.
DSCF8402 Whee, this is fun
Perhaps something like this will suit us in years to come?  How about one each?  We could just imagine the reaction we would get if we arrived at a caravan rally towing this behind us.
 imageA sign of things to come

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