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Saturday, 3 December 2011

The Painter comes to stay

The painter (and his wife) came to stay over for a long weekend, to give Robin the benefit of three full days of his painting services.  It’s hard work being the perfect B&B hostess and I’m run ragged making cups of tea, and providing meals, snacks and cold drinks.  But it’s a small price to pay, and we are very grateful for all the time and effort that Derek is putting in to help us with the house painting.  Our cat Muffy thinks that having visitors in the house is rather nice, and spent part of the first evening cuddled up in bed with Derek, before sneaking back up the passage in the dead of night to join us on the foot of our bed. 
The painting is coming along very well.  Both side one and the front of the house have received etch primer, undercoat and two tops coats.  Side three has been etch primed, undercoated and one top coat.  Derek, being the taller of the two, has been tackling the higher reaches of the house, leaving the mid sections for Robin.  They have been working very well in tandem in very hot conditions.   
DSCF8192 Derek reaching high, with Robin balanced on the plank
Then this afternoon they moved around to the back of the house, side four.  Derek climbed up the ladder once again, and after a quick rub down with the stainless steel scourer, started painting with the etch primer. 
DSCF8220 Derek up the ladder
In the meantime, Robin was sitting down on the job while he rubbed away at the powdery paintwork.  His poor arms were so tired and aching, he told me.   I’m hoping that the evening  meal of pork, roast veggies and apple crumble will revive the painters after yet another day slaving in the hot sun.
DSCF8222Robin rubbing with his scourer
There was action of a different kind happening against the backdrop of the hills as we noticed a red helicopter buzzing around. A cable with some sort of container was suspended from the helicopter, and we could just make out the two tiny figures inside.    We presume that the power company was carrying out an inspection of the lines and pylons. 
DSCF8198  Can you see the men hanging under the helicopter?

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Katie said...

I've never seen inspections here by helicopter….but they may do it.

I would love to paint our house. I'm not in love with the colors and the trim is getting ratty. But it's way too high up for us so will have to leave it to professionals.