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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Steaming Ahead

What to do while it’s raining?  Certainly not painting, that’s not a rainy day option at all.  Our vertical blinds in the dining room were looking grubby so Robin got to work wielding my recently purchased portable steam cleaner.  In no time at all he had a fine head of steam hissing away and he ran the nozzle up and down the length of each blind.  The amount of steam produced looked impressive and we had high hopes that the blinds would come out sparkling clean.
DSCF8243 Steam cleaning the blinds
Meanwhile, I was cleaning the other set of blinds in the dining room using the “low tech” method of a cloth and a bucket of hot soapy water.  Our idea was that when both sets had dried after the respective cleaning, we would compare the results, and see which method worked better.  Surprisingly, the hot soapy water did a much better job.  Perhaps my “Shark Steam Pocket” cleaner is a bit of a white elephant?  If anyone has had a good result with one of these we would like to hear from you.

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Katie said...

I'm not sure how steaming could actually "remove" the dirt. If you don't wipe or rinse wouldn't it still be there? I guess it would just be clean dirt! LOL