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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Setting up Camp

Romany Rambler: Travelled 19681Km; 325 Nights Away
The Rimutaka Hill Road wasn’t too busy at all when we towed our heavily laden caravan up, over and down the other side.  The extra weight comprised of our big awning, and a gazebo to give us shade in the hot Wairarapa sun.  Adding to the weight was a lot of extra holiday food, a box of presents to open on Christmas morning, and a fair amount of bottled beer for Robin to enjoy over the Christmas break. The first small town on the Wairarapa side of the hill is Featherston, and the traffic was stopped to allow a freight train to hurtle by on it’s way to the big city of Wellington.
DSCF8427 Stopped for the train at Featherston
Muffy enjoyed her road trip sitting on the centre consul and keeping an eye out on the scenery flashing past.  She certainly travels much happier when she is in the front seat with us.  She is kept securely in place with her lead hooked through the seat belt  to ensure that she will not smash into the window if we have to brake suddenly.
DSCF8430 Safely secured in place
Driving through rural Wairarapa we saw paddocks with bales of hay all ready for next winter’s feeding out.
DSCF8435 Bales of hay
We arrived at Carterton Holiday Park just before our friends Dot and Derek who drove down from Alfredton.  In no time at all their motor home was on site and hooked up, while we struggled under the hot sun to slide the awning rope in the guide track, and attach the walls.  The four of us were needed to help with our gazebo, which opens up like a huge umbrella.  We each grabbed a corner, and walked out as the gazebo unfolded itself.  This will give us much needed shade as we relax in camp with a cool drink in our hands. 
DSCF8447 All set up for Christmas
Pete the Manager came over for a chat and decided that one of the trees was overhanging the site and needed to be trimmed.  In no time at all he was up a ladder with a chainsaw and down came the offending branches.
DSCF8440   Pete trimming the tree
Dot and Derek had never unfurled the sun shade in all the months they had been using their new motor home so this was the ideal time to try it out.  Dot was armed with a can of insect spray as she was sure that a whole load of nasties would fall out once the sun shade was rolled out.  Luckily not a single insect jumped out at us or else they would have been severly dealt with.
DSCF8444   Here it comes
DSCF8445Almost there
Summer time is barbeque time and steak was on the menu for our first night in camp.  Derek christened his brand new barbecue and he was the man in charge of the tongs.  
DSCF8448 Derek’s in charge of the steaks

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