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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New arrivals in Camp

After a few days of camping side by side at Carterton Motor Camp with Dot and Derek, we were joined by caravan club friends Don and Pamela – and then there were three of us all in a row. 
DSCF8544 Our three vans all in a row
The three men all wrestled to put Don’s large awning up, and after a few mis-starts and a change of plan here and there, the job was finally done.  This awning will give us some cover in the evenings if the weather turns cold and nasty.
DSCF8541 Don, Robin and Derek helping with the awning
Also arriving in camp on the same day were four vehicles crammed with children, bikes, tents and supplies.  These people had obviously been away camping together before and we watched from under the shade of our gazebo as the large tents were expertly erected in no time at all, with a minimum of fuss.  Then a huge white gazebo was erected and we just had to go and see what the story was.  They were very friendly and chatted away, telling us that their group of friends (and their children) go camping every Christmas, choosing a different location each year.  The gazebo is their camp kitchen and dining room, we were told, and was set with camp tables and chairs all ready to serve meals to the 20 or so people in the group.  As their group has grown over time, the equipment has become more sophisticated.  One of the group, a blacksmith  by trade, had designed and built a trailer to house all the kitchen equipment for the holiday.  It contains drawers for cutlery, pace for crockery and containers of food, and it all folds up neatly to be towed.  We were most impressed with this clever piece of engineering.
DSCF8546Custom made catering trailer
We continue to enjoy hot sunny Wairapapa weather, so there is no trouble getting the washing dry.  After all, just because we are on holiday, doesn’t mean that the laundry duties don’t get done.
DSCF8542 Never ending laundry duties
The sun lit up the drops of water as the hose sprinkler watered this part of the garden.  Carterton Motor Camp is one of our favourite camps, and is very well maintained by managers Pete and Di.  

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