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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Trip to Kiwitea

We took the little blue car on our trip to Kiwitea, north of Fielding, yesterday, a round trip of  375km.  This gave us a chance to catch up with daughter, SIL and grand-daughters, as we were going in different directions over the Christmas break.  First stop was just after Sanson to have a good look at the Centennial Memorial, something we have driven past many times but never stopped at before.  
DSCF8365 Centennial Memorial
DSCF8366 Wonder where these go?
DSCF8367 The view from the top looked over the rolling Manawatu farmland
Son-in-law Robert was busy in the garage doing some maintenance on his hay bailer.  With any sort of machinery, maintenance must be a never ending job.  Robert is a very handy type of Kiwi bloke who can turn his hand to most jobs.  At least he was out of the cold Manawatu wind that seems to blow ceaselessly in this part of the country.
DSCF8369 Robert working on his hay bailer
We arrived carrying gifts for the family, which were placed under the Christmas Tree till the big day.  There were some for us to take home too.  Daughter Nicky decided we needed to have a “special” lunch and prepared a very dainty High Tea, complete with a three tiered cake stand, bite sized savouries, scones with jam and cream, and dainty cups and saucers. 
DSCF8371 High Tea Kiwitea style
Trying to get a family photo was easier said than done.  First we had to get everyone in the same place at the same time, then they had to have a happy face on and look as if they really wanted to have their photo taken with the grandparents.  Luckily Megan’s friend was there and she took charge of the camera and snapped merrily away until the the mission was completed.   Imagine how much harder it would be if the grand-children were still little toddlers.
DSCF8391 Robin, Emma, Jenny, Nicky, Robert and Megan
Then it was time to say our goodbyes and head back home.  Babe the Border Collie was there to say goodbye.  She is a very old lady now and instead of barking lustily when visitors come and go now (something to do with now being deaf) spends her time curled up asleep somewhere warm.  She was a rescue dog and has enjoyed a very full and busy life with the family, she is now approx 18years old which is very old for a big dog..
DSCF8393 Robert with Babe
We took a detour on the way home to check out a domain that we could camp at sometime in the future.  This one looks very nice with a handy toilet block and a big band of shelter trees to keep some of the wind out.  We will have to see what the rules and regulations are to stay here overnight.

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