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Monday, 24 August 2009

Watch out Tiger Woods

We met up with our SLG friends on Sunday and after a nice leisurely lunch at Petone, which was the first European settlement in the Wellington region and still has many historical buildings and landmarks. The first settlers arrived here in January 1840, on the ship Aurora. After the arrival of a second ship, a settlement was planned on the site.  The swampy land made life difficult for the earliest settlers, and a new site was chosen around the shores of what is now the city of Wellington,  New Zealand's capital.  Petone is now a very trendy suburb, with it’s early history, old buildings  and these days, many cafes and shops.

After lunch we went around to the Mini Putt course at Hutt Park Golf Club.  They don’t offer senior prices at this establishment so we all had to pay full price.  There were eight of us so we split into two teams of four.  Robin and I ended up in the same team and he was full of helpful advice of how to go about each shot.  But did I listen?  No way – this was my game, and as far as I was concerned, just a bit of “hit and giggle” . Robin played golf many years ago before we met, and it certainly showed in his attitude to the game.  Just check out the form of these two golfers.

P8233459 P8233460


Some of the holes had quite an alarming slope on them.  We hit the ball towards the hole, only to watch it roll back time and again.  According to the rules, if we didn’t manage to sink the ball in seven shots, we had to admit defeat, write down eight strokes on the score card, and move on.  Must admit that I had a couple of eights.  But then, I got a “hole in one”, and Robin didn't.  I really don’t know how managed that!!  Watch out Tiger Woods.

P8233468The “hit and giggle” group

We finished our day out with Afternoon Tea at Rex’s home.  Here we did the annual draw, where we all took a turn to select a piece of paper out of a bowl.  Each slip of paper had the name of a month – so each of us must organise an outing for the group during that month.  It is all rather like an AGM, without all the hassle.  My month for my next outing is January 2010 and Robin got July.  So we had better get our thinking caps on and come up with some ideas.

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