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Friday, 14 August 2009

A visit to the Vet

It’s that time of the year again, when Muffy has to go and see the Vet.  Nothing to worry about, we hoped, but just a general check-up and vaccination for Feline Enteritis.  First thing to do was to get the carry cage out.  That always causes Muffy to get a bit worried.  Getting put in the cage can mean two things;  a trip to the Cattery or a visit to the Vet.  We loaded Muffy and the cage on the back seat and secured it with the seat belt.  Then it was just a short drive to the Vet Clinic.


Waiting for our turn at the Vet Clinic

The waiting room was busy with people and pets coming and going.  Several people were collecting their pets after surgery.  Then it was our turn and we were ushered in to the clinic.  Muffy was lifted out of her cage and placed on the table.  She behaved really well and just stood there as the Vet ran his hands over her, poking and prodding as he felt for anything out of the ordinary.  Then he gave her the vaccination in the scruff on the neck.  Muffy didn’t even flinch at that, what a good girl.  Nothing wrong, we were told, and she is in excellent condition for her age.  Muffy is now 14 so she is certainly getting on a bit now.  But as Robin says, there is not much stress in her life.  She eats, then sleeps, and is certainly pampered.  But that is what being a pet cat is all about, isn’t it?



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