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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Finches come calling

We have hung a seed holder from a tree in the garden, and wondered what kind of birds would be attracted to our latest offering.  No, not the pretty little Waxeyes.  They are quite happy with the bird pudding made from dripping, honey, crusts and seeds, together with half an apple hanging up close by.  Our latest visitors are Greenfinches.  These birds are a olive green colour, with bright yellow flashes on the wings.  The Greenfinches just love to land on the perches on the seed container and gobble up the mixed seeds.  The humble Sparrow often joins in too and together they can empty out the seed container in just a couple of days.  Mind you, they seem to spill as much as they eat.  We have noticed lots of Sparrows too on the lawn eating up the dropped seeds.

 DSCF1737 Greenfinch on the bird seed holder


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