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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

No work today

One of the down sides of working as a “temp” is that our services are not required from time to time.  Yesterday our new Team Leader told all the temps that there was no work for the next couple of days.  “Come back on Friday”, we were told.  That means no pay for the next couple of days.  So I was not working today.  Or……. as the Tui beer ads say, “Yeah, right!!”  While not at work today I: made a big pot of soup, did the laundry, vacuumed the floors, cleaned the bathroom, washed the kitchen and bathroom floors, did the ironing, prepared and cooked the evening meal.  Oh, that’s right, I also groomed Muffy’s coat and got the tangles out.  We have invited friends over for a meal in the weekend – there is nothing like impending visitors to get the house all tidied up, is there?   As usual, Muffy had a nice relaxed day, she didn’t bother with any work at all.  She snoozed on the bed, on the couch, took a short turn or two outside, then came back inside for more snoozing.



Muffy, keeping an eye on that noisy vacuum cleaner

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