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Saturday, 15 August 2009

Farewell to a Friend

Sadly, our friend Pam passed away last week.  She had joined our SLG several years ago and really enjoyed all our outings.The family invited our group around to an “Open Home” and afternoon tea on Friday.  Even though we wish the circumstances had been different, it was so nice to meet Pam's extended family, and put faces to names.  The daughters asked me to say a few words in memory of our friend.  We lit a candle for Pam, and told of her involvement with our group.  It was a lovely afternoon, and gave us all the opportunity to say our last goodbyes.  



Pam was petite, but that didn’t stop her from doing anything.  Over the last couple of summers, she single handedly painted the outside of her house.  Pam’s house was on a hillside, and we used to cringe when she regaled us with stories of putting blocks of wood under the ladder feet to make it even.  Then she blithely ran up and down the ladder, paint tin and brush in hand, to get on with the painting.  And we remembered the day when we were all lunching out at a cafe, when the opportunity to take a ride on one of those huge Harley Davidson motor bikes came up.  There was no stopping Pam. She put the protective gear on, a helmet on her head, then climbed up behind the young man.  Away they roared down the road, and when they finally returned half an hour later, Pam was bubbling over with excitement.  Rest in peace, Pam, we will miss you.



Harley Heaven

Pam all ready to ride!!

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