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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Four Flat Whites in Italy

We had a little bit of culture last night when we visited Circa Theatre.  Circa Theatre staged the first production way back in 1976, and moved to the current building in 1994.  Circa is one of Wellington’s most popular theatres and is run on co-operative lines.  This is a system which promotes the pursuit of theatre of the  highest professional standard.  We travelled in to Wellington with a bus full of eager theatre goers ready to be entertained with a night of comedy.

DSCF1795  The Circa Theatre building

The play we had all come to see was “Four Flat Whites in Italy”, by Roger Hall.  Roger Hall is one of New Zealand’s best known and successful playwrights.  We like to claim him for our own, but he is actually English born, and emigrated out to New Zealand in 1958.  This play tells the ups and downs of the trip overseas shared by two incompatible couples.  Mix up a retired pair of librarians, short on cash but with a love of art and history  with a retired businessman with his brassy blonde second wife who loves shopping.  The holiday is doomed to failure and is anything but happy. As Roger Hall says, “It is hard enough to travel with one’s nearest and dearest, but add other people into the mix causes all sorts of stress, which I hope leads to entertaining theatre”.  Yes, it was certainly entertaining and had a nice little twist at the end.  A  most enjoyable evening.


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