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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mini Rally at Te Horo

  DSCF1660 Only two caravans at this mini rally

There was no caravan rally set by the committee  in August this year.  So we arranged to visit our friends Geoff and Eileen at their property at Te Horo and have our own small mini rally.  Fellow caravanners Don and Pamela joined us there as well.  The lawn was quite wet so we parked in the long gravel driveway.  Their house, known by us all as “The “Manor”, is surrounded by farmland, so is in a lovely rural setting.  Several horses grazed in a side paddock (field) beside a rustic looking red shed, and black and white cattle were away in the distance in a back paddock.  Although it seems that we are in the middle of no-where, the main road State Highway 1 and the main trunk railway line to Auckland are only a short distance away and cars, trucks and trains go rushing about their business.


Rural delights

Friday night was very wet and blustery and the rain poured and poured.  Don and Pamela arrived on Saturday morning and brought up some home made savoury muffins for morning tea.  After lunch we had a film afternoon.  Robin plugged our lap top in to our hosts large TV and we showed the slide show of our recent overseas trip, complete with music. The segment of our canal boat trip was of particular interest as Derek and Dot from Narrow boat Gypsy Rover were fellow caravan club members before they changed their life style to explore the canals of UK.  “Lets not cook tonight” was the consensus so off we went to the local RSA club for our evening meal.  Most of us had the roast beef option, very good value at only $12.00 with dessert included. 

DSCF1665 Storm clouds gathering


Although the sun tried to make an appearance on Sunday morning the showers soon came back.  Well, it is the middle of winter after all.  We decided to make a real weekend of it with not doing too much cooking and took ourselves off to the Red House Cafe for brunch.  Just as well we made it before mid-day as crowds of people had the same idea and the cafe was soon full.  One large party arrived and took over several tables, this was for a 90th birthday celebration, complete with a large birthday cake and presents.  Our table ordered bacon sausage and eggs, eggs Benedict, and black pudding and bacon.  Followed with a rather large cake for dessert and all washed down with a couple of cups of coffee each.  What a nice way to finish our weekend away.




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