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Saturday, 8 August 2009

An apple a day

Those pretty little silver-eyes continue to delight us in the garden.  I cut an apple in half an strung it up from the tree, to see which birds, if any,  would take a fancy to it.  It didn’t take the silver-eyes long to find it.  Soon we had a whole group of them fluttering around.  Some were on the bird pudding, and some were daintily pecking away at the apple.  What busy little birds they are, they fly here, there and everywhere, through the tree where we have hung these goodies.  They don’t seem to like to share though.  One will be pecking away at the bird pudding, while another climbs down the string.  Then the first one flies off.  These sort of antics were repeated with the apple – one eating, a second arrives, the first flies away.  We had expected that they would all gather around and eat the food together, but this doesn’t seem to happen.  Until we hung these food treats in the garden, we had never spotted these birds flying around.  So we are really pleased that they are now regular visitors.



Silver-eye pecking away at the apple


But who is this lurking in the tree, watching our pretty little visitors with a predatory glint in her eye?  It is Chardy, short for Chardonnay, the tabby cat from next door.  Robin isn’t having any of this bird catching nonsense, certainly not in our back yard.  So he fills up the water pistol, creeps up to the cat, and gives her a good old squirt of cold water to send her on her way!  Our cat Muffy is too busy snoozing away on the bed to waste her energy chasing the birdies.



Watch out Chardy, the water pistol is coming!!

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