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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Who’s a pretty girl, then?

DSCF1403Comb in hand, ready to start work

Our Birman cat Muffy loves to keep close to us.  And she lies quite happily on my lap when I groom her.  First I lay her on her back and gently comb her tummy and inside legs.  Then she gets put on one side and I start at the legs and work up to her spine.  A quick flip over and then the other side is done.  Lastly I sit her up and groom the ruff around her neck.  All the while Muffy is “helping”, licking her fur at any bits that are handy.  When all the work is  over she looks even more beautiful than before.  But then, we are biased!!

DSCF1411All done, so who’s a pretty girl then?

I recently stitched Muffy her own “pet grooming bag” to keep her brush, comb, and bits and pieces in.  Made with black and white cat fabric, it has a stitchery panel on the front.  So she now a special  bag of her very own, just like the big people in the family.

DSCF1495 Muffy’s pet grooming bag.


Jennifer said...

Muffy is a lovely girl, and her grooming supplies bag is a great idea!

Robin and Jenny said...

Thanks for your kind comments.

Aren't you the quilter Jennifer of Wombat fame?