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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

A particularly cold winter

Even though the weekend was cold and chilly, Robin still had outside chores to do.  The grape vine badly needed pruning.  Now that the leaves had all dropped off and blown away in the wind, it was time to get the secateurs out.  Snip, snip, snip he went, taking the growth back to the old wood and a viable bud.  The wheelie-bin was soon filled up with the discarded bits of vine. 

DSCF1630 Robin pruning the grape vine

This winter has been particularly cold, the coldest in our end of the Hutt Valley for 35 years, we have been told.  Robin doesn’t usually feel the cold, but he certainly has this winter.  Only one side of our electric blanket has been working for a while  - no prizes for guessing that it is on my side of the bed!!  So after putting up with this state of affairs for a long time,  Robin had finally given in.  We went out shopping and purchased a new electric blanket on Sunday. We decided that we wanted a known brand, with dual controls, not one of those cheap overseas imports.  Lucky for us we found  exactly what we were looking for, and even better, the shop had a sale on.   50% off the normal price was certainly a bargain.  Now I won’t have those cold feet creeping over to my side of the bed any more.

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