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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Chilly Carterton

The weather man promised cold weather for our caravan club weekend away at Carterton, in the Wairarapa.  Never mind, we weren’t going to let the winter chills spoil our weekend away.  Four of us decided to have a meal out together on Friday night for a change.  Our friends Kathryn and Graeme recommended the Buckhorn.  This establishment has a Western flavour through and through, from the Indian brave standing at the entranceway, to the wild west murals painted inside, and the various mounted animal heads looking down at the diners as they ate. 

DSCF1536Buckhorn Bar and Grill

We woke up on Saturday morning to hear the “whoosh” of a hot air balloon overhead.  We could see the gas flames clearly  illuminated against the early morning sky.  These balloon rides leave not far from the Motor Camp, and it is our burning ambition to experience a balloon ride one of these days.

DSCF1545 Wairarapa Early Morning Balloons Ltd off on a flight

Peter and Elaine had come along to the rally with a new car.  So all the men gathered just like bees around a honey pot.  They checked under the bonnet,  the wheels, the boot capacity, and the interior.  There is nothing like a change in vehicle to interest the men.

DSCF1550 Checking out the new car

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