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Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Trip to the Doctor

You would be excused for thinking that we had a dog in our household lately, with all the barking that has been going on.  No dog, just my very sore throat, and cough, cough, coughing day and night. After putting up with this for 5 weeks or so and not getting any better, I took a  trip to the doctor today after work.

Attached to the door at the doctors surgery was a sign.  “Patients experiencing coughs and sneezes must wear a mask upon entering the premises”.  Guess I qualify for that.  But what way around do they go?  One side was white, and they other side was green. The receptionist put me right, and I sat there in the waiting room  with the mask covering my mouth and nose.   “You deserve some antibiotics”, the doctor told me “for putting up with all this for so long.  And some Paracetamol for your sore head”.  Luckily the cough hadn’t progressed to anything worse, so I should be as right as rain after taking my course of antibiotics.  Just as well, we have a busy weekend planned.  And I don’t have to wear my mask out in public!!

DSCF1575 Who’s hiding under this mask?

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