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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Eagles Tribute

An Eagles concert for only $15 a seat?  It was obviously not the “real” Eagles band, but rather a tribute band that was touring around.  We saw them last night at the Upper Hutt Cossie Club with friends Kathryn and Graeme.  Luckily we got there bright and early well before the starting time, and secured a table with a good view of the stage while we waited for our friends to arrive.  Several other groups had the same  idea and had already claimed their own tables around the fringe of the small dance floor.

We watched with interest as  the group set their equipment and did various sound checks.  One of them climbed up on a step stool and pinned up a large backing sheet; by the time he had it done, one end was sagging down so back he went again.  People  started arriving in droves for the concert and the hall soon filled up.  There at last were Kathryn and Graeme, joining us at our cosy little table which we had been guarding from throngs of Eagle music lovers.


The opening song was a real Eagle’s classic, Hotel California, and that song set the scene for the evening.  One after the other the tribute band belted out Eagle’s songs and our feet were tapping as we sang along.  There is something about this type of music where you know all the words!!  We looked on as “Grannies a Go-Go” were the first on the dance floor.  Three rather elderly ladies wearing  brightly coloured flower leis around their necks swayed elegantly on the otherwise empty dance floor.   Others in the crowd soon joined them and we even  had a couple of turns on the now crowded dance floor!  The concert finished the way it began, with another rendition of Hotel California.  What a great night, and really good value too.

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