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Friday, 3 July 2009

Eyes Right!!!

It’s Friday, and I played hooky from work this afternoon. It was time for my appointment with the Eye Specialist. About 18 months ago I suffered a detached retina and today was my annual check-up. I collected Robin from work and we drove into Thorndon, Wellington. They may specialise in eyes, but it was clear that even Eye Specialists are worried about Swine Flu, as there was a sign on the door asking patients who were suffering from flu symptoms to reschedule their appointments.

I was given eye drops to dilate the pupils and the nurse took pressure and focus readings. Then it was time to meet up again with the eye specialist who had repaired my detached retina and saved the sight of my left eye. He shone a bright light into each eye and gazing intently into my eyes told me to look up, then down, left and right. “Everything looks fine”, he told me, “there is no way that retina will come away again as it has been lasered all the way around. Come back and see me again in 12 months”. That was great news. I hadn’t really been worried but………

DSCF1510The Bordeaux French Bakery and Cafe,

The Bordeaux French Bakery and Cafe, was right next door. So it was no surprise that we ended up in there for a coffee and a delicious French pastry each. Robin fancied a rather large custard slice and my citrus tart was divine. The young man who served us had a cheeky French accent, was it real, we wondered?

DSCF1509 Afternoon tea

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