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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muffy goes Camping

Last weekend was a first for us, and Muffy.  After a lot of procrastination we decided to finally take her on a caravan rally.  During the week prior to going away we fitted a pretty pink harness on her.  No response to that, she just ate and snoozed as usual.  Then we clipped a light lead to her harness.  Mmmm, that certainly felt different.  When she felt the pull of the lead she promptly sat down.  The big thing for us was that she was not distressed at all kitted out in her harness and lead. 

Packing up the caravan took a little longer this time, what with adding both wet and dry cat food, a food bowl, and a litter tray.  Muffy is usually transported in her carry cage, and meows the whole way.  For this journey we decided to attach her lead to the backseat seatbelt and would you know it, she didn't make a sound the whole trip.

DSCF1569 Snoozing in the caravan

Muffy is generally an inside sort of cat, and as the weekend was rather wet, she spent most of her time inside our caravan.  She curled up on the couch, and snoozed on the bed, much like she does at home really!!  She had a few forays outside to sniff at all those exciting smells, safely attached to the lead.   The camp managers have a dog, so we had to make sure that he wasn’t going to bother our precious cat.

DSCF1560 Now, what’s over here?

The weekend was soon over and we packed up in the rain and headed home.  Muffy had a great weekend away, and we were very pleased with how it all worked out.  We will definitely take her camping again.

DSCF1573 This looks like home to me!!

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