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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Antiques, Wine and Cheese


We took a trip into rural Wairarapa on Saturday afternoon, with the snow capped Tararuas  making a wonderful backdrop to the country setting.  We went to visit an antique dealer who sells her wares from her home.  Two rooms are set aside for display featuring lovely old timber furniture, silver and china.  I particularly loved a old wooden cradle, you could just imagine a new settler in the colonial days rocking the baby in their cottage in front of the blazing fire. 

DSCF1554  Antiques in the country

Then in the evening we had a “Wine and Cheese”evening.  Everyone had to bring a bottle of wine, and some cheese to share.  Something a little unusual was the criteria.  Carterton Motor Camp has a nice roomy dining room and we pushed two large tables together to accommodate our group. One by one the wines were opened and tasted, and the platters of cheese were passed around the group.  My cheese offering was certainly unusual, so unusual that some were reluctant to try it.  Because it was green perhaps?  I had found a recipe for cream cheese and spinach spread, flavoured with garlic and nutmeg.  It was certainly tasty but the colour was rather off-putting.

DSCF1565 My green cheese spread

Unfortunately I  had been suffering from a bad cough all weekend, always worse in the evening when the temperatures drop.  So Peter and Elaine came  to our evening get-together all protected in case I was suffering from the dreaded swine flu.  Written on their face masks was “oink oink”, the magical words to keep the germs away!!

DSCF1564 Elaine and Peter with their face masks

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