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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

On the Road Again

After a most frustrating morning the garage decided that our damaged rental could not be repaired in a timely fashion - seems that the suspension had been damaged too. Luckily a replacement rental car was sent - a much smaller 2 door Ford Fiesta. Fitting the bags in the tiny boot was a bit of a squeeze but it was all finally accomplished. We finally hit the road at mid-day and drove to the New Forest area.

We phone booked a room at the Travel Lodge Hotel, not at all posh and rather overpriced we thought. But the kind young lady on Reception offered Jenny the use of a washing machine for no cost at all. The bathroom looks a bit like a Chinese Laundry with damp washing festooned all around. "Happiness is clean laundry", Jenny has ofter uttered. Laundry, like rust, never sleeps.

Ever had a breakfast in a box? We have - and it is not to be recommended. This option was offered when we booked the room and silly us did not realize what we were getting. No wonder it seemed such good value. We got a bowl of cornflakes complete with a fold up spoon which was quite tasty, a chocolate covered muesli bar and a fruit smoothie, both tasted awful, and the makings for a cup of tea.

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