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Monday, 1 September 2008


Punts on the Cam

Cambridge is a city of colleges, churches, bicycles, and punting on the river Cam. We clambered up stairs on an open top bus to do a tour of the city with Janet and Allan who came down from Cromer to spend the weekend with us. The rain started so all the top deck passengers scurried down stairs.

The open air markets beckoned and we were amused by the patter of the stall holders selling Jamaican food. Robin decided an ostrich burger was more to his taste and we all happily ate our lunch together in the open air.

Kings College Fan Celling

The magnificent Kings College Chapel was started by Henry VI in 1441. It took 5 kings, 4 master masons, and a huge number of craftsmen over a century to build. The beautiful fan vaulted celling for which Kings Chapel is famous took just 3 years to build between 1512 and 1515. There is a heavily carved aved oak screen that still carries the initials of Henry VIII and the ill fated Anne Boylen.

The Round Church

The next church we visited was the tiny Round Church. This is one of only 4 Round Churches in the UK and were all built following the First Crusade in 1507.

We stood on the bridge in the sun and watched the punters polling their boats up and down the River Cam. It seemed hard work for the punters while the paying customers relaxed in the sun.

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