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Saturday, 27 September 2008

London to New York

Expect delays!! Flights cancelled!! Computer problems for Air Traffic Control!! That was the news on TV the night before we were due to fly out from Heathrow. Just our luck, we thought. Thankfully it seemed to be resolved the next morning. On going through security Robin set off the alarm and was pulled aside to be searched, while Jenny was told she was a "random" and was also taken out of the line and frisked.

We arrived in Newark Airport in drizzly conditions. Immigration was very thorough and our index fingers were scanned and we had photos taken of our eyes as well. After a frustrating 30 minutes sorting out our shuttle we were finally on our way to the big smoke.

"Look over there", said Robin, "it's the Statue of Liberty. And there's the Empire State Building". Both were away in the distance but it was still a thrill to see these New York icons. This city seems to have much the same problems as any other as we noticed lots of graffiti painted on walls. Something a bit different for us was the various toll booths that the shuttle had to pass through. There were plenty of yellow New York taxis buzzing around everywhere and our shuttle driver wove in and out of the heavy traffic, blasting on his horn when a driver upset him.

Tonight we catch our breath and get a good night's sleep before heading off on our Niagara Falls trip bright and early in the morning. The hotel we are staying in tonight not only has free coffee in the foyer, but more importantly, free Internet access as well. How about that for good luck!!

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