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Friday, 26 September 2008

Last Days in London

Why are we staying at a hotel in Heathrow, you might ask. Because it meant that we could drop the rental car off primarily, and travel in to London for our last few days. The local buses are free to Heathrow from where the hotels are situated, and travelling into the big city on our Oyster cards is cheap and fast.

So what have we been doing these last couple of days? First up was a boat trip on the Thames Clipper, a fleet of large catamarans. We travelled down river to O2 (formally the Millennium Dome) and had a look around this very large building.

Next was a trip to the National History Museum. Sadly we saw a kiwi and a kea in the bird display, but also notices advising that the museum does not now collect specimens. The dinosaur display was amazing. There is a suspended walkway over the exhibits, enabling the public to view things from above. T Rex, a realistic moving monster seemed to have his beady eyes on us as he glared around at everyone who dared to look at him. "Come away, he's too scary" a child told his Dad.

Last on our list was a tour through the Royal Albert Hall, which enjoys a peppercorn rental of one shilling per year for 999 years. The tour director took us in to the Royal Box, and the Royal Waiting Room. This building is huge, and hosts all sorts of events including tennis, and the Proms. Outside the Albert Hall, across the road in Hyde Park is the magnificent memorial to Prince Albert, which is covered in two layers of 24ct gold leaf.

We board our flight for New York tomorrow morning for our Niagara Falls bus tour, so are not sure where we will find our next lot of internet access.

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