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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Avebury, Woodhenge and brewery horses.

Avebury Stone circle

Avebury is a magical stone circle and we wanted to visit there again. We drove along the road passed Silbury Hill and Kennett Long Barrow, special places in their own right, and into the small village of Avebury. The stones are much smaller and less uniform in size than those of the neighbouring Stonehenge, but the actual earthworks are much wider and dates to 2500BC. We walked around, admiring and touching the stones and generally felt the peaceful vibrations emanating from this most spiritual of places.

Wood Henge

Then we visited the Bronze Age remains of Woodhenge. All the wooden posts and structures are long gone of course, but 6 concentric rings of small posts show where the originals once stood. We must wonder the mystery and reasoning behind the building of these circles which culminated in the mighty structure of Stonehenge further down the road.

On a different note altogether, we came across the sight of two teams of two shire horses all dressed up in their livery at Wadsworth Brewery. Tom, Max, Prince and Royal were hitched up and raring to go. The handlers said that kegs of beer is still delivered to local pubs via these horses and carts. Robin thought that would be a much nicer job than driving a Toops truck all day!!
We drove down to Portesham, in Dorset where we will stay for rthe next few nights. Being Robin's birthday we went out for a special birthday dinner at the local pub, the King's Arms, which is situated across the road from where Hardy, of Trafalger fame, lived. Remember the famous line that Nelson is suppposed to have said as he lay dying - "Kiss me, Hardy"

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