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Monday, 22 September 2008

Dover & Deal

Dover Castle

The white cliffs of Dover were shining brightly in the English sunshine as we drove past on our way to Dover Castle. William the Conqueror built a castle on this site, and the Keep was built by Henry 11. We did not realise that troops for the Napoleon War were stationed here in the underground tunnels.

Secret Tunnels
The connection of Dover Castle during WW2 is well known. "Operation Dynamo" the rescue of troops from the beaches at Dunkirk, was planned from here. We did a tour of the "Secret WW11 tunnels" which was most informative, and saw the operating theatres, the radio rooms and where the war planning took place. The medieval part of the castle was well worth visiting, and we took a walk along the castle battlements.

At the castle we watched a demonstration of Tudor style hunting with hawks by a couple in period costumes.

We then travelled up the coast to the seaside town of Deal. Our friend Beverly from the Caravan Club spent her younger years here when her parents ran the Royal Hotel pub. We went to check it out and had a coffee and a beer and took several photos to show on our return. Down at the beach Jenny was too late to buy jellied eels and made do with a pot of whelks. A bit chewy but still nice to try something different.

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