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Friday, 12 September 2008

Lacock Village & The American Museum

An interesting house in Lacock village

We were told that we simply must visit Lacock Village. This is where lots of period dramas have been filmed, including Pride and Prejudice, starring the hunky Colin Firth, one of jenny's favourite dramas. Lacock Village was gifted to the National Trust in 1944. The whole village is therefore tenanted and remains as it was centuries earlier. No doubt the National Trust has very strong views on what can or cannot be done. Robin chatted to one of the villagers who told him that cable TV is supplied via a big dish outside the village and cabled discretely into each home. The village is off the beaten track and as well as being owned for centuries by one family, that is what probably saved it from modernisation.

Lacock village
Then it was off to Bath and a visit to Sally Lunn's for lunch. Busy as ever, with tourists peering through the windows, we enjoyed our brioche buns and coffee. Surprise, we bumped in to two Kiwi couples there, it is the accent that always gives us away.

American Museum Bath
The real reason to coming to Bath was a trip to the American Museum. This museum tells the story of American history and has rooms decorated in varying styles according to time. The collection of quilts is exceptional so Jenny was in her element. Robin enjoyed the Titanic exhibition and Connachy's Bar.

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