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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Cotswold Villages

We drove around the rolling countryside to explore the villages of the Cotswolds. The delightfull names roll of the tongue - the first we visited was Stow-on-the-Wold. Drawn by the sounds of tinkling bells we came across a troupe of Morris Dancers and their musicians. Their costumes had rows of bells stitched to their gators which rang when they stamped their legs, struck their batons with each other, waved their handkerchiefs in the air and generally had a great time!!

Morris Dancers
Next we visited both the Lower and Upper Slaughters. The word slaughter does not mean that a great massacre has taken place, but that it is a muddy place. Lower Slaughter had an interesting old disused water wheel powered mill. Driving through the rural countryside to the tiny hamlet of Guiting Power we came across a large group of young pheasants on the road side, probably reared for the hunting season.
Lower Slaughter Water Wheel

Cotswold Stone Houses
Bournton-on-the-Water was the prettiest of the villages we visited and had the River Windrush babbling through the centre, and Moreton-in-Marsh was our final destination. Honey coloured stone buildings are the trademark of the Cotswald villages and they all have their fair share of tea shops, antique shops and pubs.

River Windrush

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