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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Up the ladder for a different cause

Robin is still climbing ladders, but this time he didn’t have a paint brush in his hand.  He was checking out the spouting after the neighbour mentioned that she could see grasses growing up there.  Then she casually mentioned that the spouting often overflowed in winter.  So that needed checking out, just wish she had told us sooner.  So up the ladder he went, with the hose in his hand.  Sure enough, the spouting was chocker block full of debris.  This seemed to come from the large overhanging tree which we had felled  some months ago.
DSCF8324 Yes, it is rather blocked
He hosed, and hosed, and hosed some more, and finally a large clump of debris came rushing through the down pipe.  While he was trying to fit the plastic downpipe back into the spouting he had a bit of an “oopsy” and it broke.  So he needed to take a trip to the handy hardware shop to buy some joiners and repair the break.
DSCF8325 Hosing out the guttering
With that little job done and out of the way, it will be back up the ladder for more painting duties before he knows it.

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