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Monday, 16 January 2017

Music Festival – Part 2, Topp Twins

Consuming “fast food is always a treat at these sort of events, and we joined the crowds for our lunch of choice.  It was a hot dog for him and a curly potatoe for her – very tasty.

Lunch time take-aways

There were caravans and campers as far as the eye could see, about 400 we were told.  All here to enjoy a weekend of country music.

Parked in a large paddock in Tuaherenikau

The Saturday evening programme featured artists we had seen the previously night, such as the very talented Glen Moffatt.  Now based in Australia, Glen was born and bred in the Hawkes Bay.  We particularly enjoyed his original song about memories growing up, going to school in shorts, dirty knees, sporting a crew cut, and carrying his Superman lunch box – and he had just learnt to tie his shoes, he was cooler than Fonzy!

Glen Moffat performing on stage

The stars of the evening were the Topp Twins and they got a rapturous welcome from the crowd.  A pair of New Zealand icons, these two have been performing since the late 70s.  They trotted out all the characters they had made famous, first appearing on stage in those ghastly gingham gathered skirts with the stretchy elastic waistband.

The Topp Twins looking rather angelic

Linda always picks an unsuspecting member of the public to help her up and down from the stage.  We had seen this prank done before at shows, but Ethan was the victim on Saturday night, and didn’t know what he was letting him self in for.  “Back up to the stage”, he was instructed, “and be careful where you put those hands”.

Careful, Ethan

Linda playing the spoons, and Jools on the guitar

Then we had the skit with Linda twirling the pois.  Ooops – she forgot to pack them.  No problem, she did it with pretend ones.  Ethan was called into service again to help Linda off the stage, and we all hoped that her sparkly pink top stayed in place when he manhandled her off the stage.  Talk about laugh – these girls are hilarious!

Linda with the invisible pois, and once again on Ethan’s back

Helpful Ethan was called up on stage and helped lead the “audience participation” part of the show.  Everyone stood up and joined in the fun, the campers on the grass in front of the stage, and people like us in the grand stand, as we sang along and did all the hand actions.  It was good to look down over the crowd and see everyone join in.  What a great night it was – everyone had a ball.

Everyone joining in and having fun

Looking quite different with another costume change and a few more songs

Sunday was much more relaxed, with quite a few vans heading off on their travels.  We sat in the grand stand and watched the line dancers for a while, and then some more “walk up” singers took the stage.  After our evening meal everyone was invited to the pavilion for an impromptu sing-along.  One of the stars of the evening was this young man who sang with real passion.

Sunday evening sing-along in the pavilion

The evening ended with another glorious sunset – this pic taken by Robin

Our three vans moved on after morning tea on Monday – where has everyone disappeared to?

Practically alone on Monday morning

Where to next?  We are not ready to go home just yet so we are heading to Masterton.


Nancy J said...

I can almost tap my toes as I read about the fun there. Linda and Jools, a great couple and so talented.

Janice said...

Your weekend sounds like great fun. The Topp Twins must have been a scream. I think I may have to look them up on youtube.

Janice said...

Mick and I have just watched some Topp Twins on youtube. I can see why they are an institution. Too funny!