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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Hunkering down at Moata POP

With the “Weather Bomb” raging in southern parts of the country we are lying low in rural Masterton.  The extra strong winds are a worry, and travel has been restricted over some roads with wild wind warnings.  Yesterday the Inter Island Ferry was not sailing, and flights in and out of Wellington Airport cancelled.  Even Wellington City’s trolley bus fleet was grounded, and the power to overhead lines for the buses turned off amid fears of the live lines being blown down onto vehicles and pedestrians.  I’ve been worriedly looking at those tall trees surrounding us at the Moata POP, hoping that they are strong enough to withstand the strong winds and not come crashing down on top of us.

Tall trees swaying in the wind

We were joined at Moata yesterday by two couples travelling in Dethletts, a caravan and a motorhome.  That makes a total of five vans, and there is plenty of room for a couple more.

Two Leisurelines, two Dethletts and a UCC camper

The new arrivals were also part of the hundreds of vans at the Music Festival, and remembered seeing us there.  And we remembered them too, as the caravan had trouble with his brakes and Robin and Bill wandered over to see if they could help.  The problem was eventually fixed and they went on their way for several days, before arriving at the rural POP yesterday.  We joined forces for 4zees yesterday and got to know each other.  The rain came down and we must have looked quite a sight, sheltering from the wet conditions under the awnings.

Brake trouble at the Music Festival

There is a pretty little church down the road.   St Andrew's in the Paddock is at Fernridge, on Upper Plain Road, Masterton and was built in 1922  by the prominent Masterton building firm, Hulme and Penistone.

St Andrews in the Paddock

We are staying here at Moata for another night and do hope that the winds will have blown themselves out as we will be travelling on to Kauhutura School in Featherston for a caravan club rally.  Fingers and toes will be firmly crossed for better weather for our weekend rally.


Janice said...

I hope you make the best of your time hunkered down. Stay safe.

Allison said...

Sounds a lovely place Jenny. One thing about 'camping' is the weather has to be fairly extreme to spoil the experience. Enjoy.