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Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy Birthday Bro–and moving on

Little brother Gary was having a family birthday lunch – his special day is News Year’s Day.  Of course we could go, it wasn’t too far to drive down from the rally at Foxton Beach back to Levin.  It was a double banger as Gary was celebrating his retirement as well.  Sister Kaye and her husband Jan were driving down from Taupo on their way to an evening sailing of the Picton Ferry, so that worked out well.

Dessert time for the birthday boy

We had a lovely meal and there was plenty of conversation flowing around the table.  It was great to catch up with all the family news and travel plans.  With a bit of coercing, I managed to get them all together for some family photos.

Robin, Kaye and Gary

All of them together - Suzanne, Robin, Kaye, Gary, Jan, and Debbie

We said our goodbyes, Kaye and Jan were driving down to Wellington to continue their homewards journey to Nelson, and we headed back to Foxton.  The caravan was soon hooked up – it was time for us to move on.


But first we had to carefully maneuver our way through the narrow entrance gate.  The ground to the approach is quite uneven and as we entered several days ago, we noticed that it tipped the caravan sideways towards the gate at an alarming rate.  So, carefully does it.  Oops, Robin was a little close one side so I held my breath as he moved forward.  We made it with inches to spare.  Next stop – Marton.

Easing through the gate

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Janice said...

How lovely for you all to catch up