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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Mt Lees Reserve

Mt Lees Reserve is a beautiful peaceful block of land, planted with a variety of native trees and many exotic trees and shrubs.   Ormond Wilson gifted the 30 hectare  block and his homestead for all to enjoy.  The reserve is home to many native birds, kereru (wood pigeon), morepork. grey warblers, fantails, tuis, bellbirds, wax eyes and kingfisher.  We spent the last night of our Christmas holiday at this lovely place.


Three of us parked up by the tall shelter belt, which kept some of the wind away, and enjoyed 4zees out in the sunshine together.  The camping area filled up with several vans, cars, back packers and a tent later in the afternoon.

Camping at Mt Lees Reserve

The local duck population were obviously used to numerous hand outs from the campers and were a real pest as they gathered around, noisily quacking and doing their business everywhere.  Despite many attempts to chase them away, they decided that they weren’t going anywhere.  Until Dot and Derek’s young Birman Honey tried her hand (or should that be paw) at duck stalking.  That got them moving.

Chase that duck away, Honey!

One of the young campers had done some laundry and we watched as he went looking for a couple of suitable trees to hang his clothes line from.  Looks like he only washed his socks this time!

A camper’s clothes line

The area where we usually camp was much too soft and boggy – filled with ruts as cars and campers got bogged down recently.  I walked through to see the state of the grounds, watching out where I stepped amongst all the dips and hollows.  Oh look – that’s our van through the trees.  With a few ducks bedded down close by in case we decide to feed them – so they hope.

Romany Rambler at Mt Lees Reserve

The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast, and all gathered for our last morning tea in the sunshine.  Then we said our goodbyes and went on our way home – it’s been a great 10 day trip, not travelling a great distance from home this time, but still very enjoyable. 

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Janice said...

It does sound like a great place to camp.