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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Farm stay at Moata

It seemed that we were some of the last to leave the Music Festival venue.  While we were having our final morning tea together the remaining vans all seemed to have quietly disappeared.  We were heading north to Masterton, and after a brief stop at the supermarket to replenish the fridge, agreed to meet up at Henley Lake for lunch.  What a pretty place this is – and as a bonus, plenty of parking available for those like us towing vans.    We ate our lunches under the shady trees, with plenty of ducks to keep us company.  Those vans with certified self containment can stay overnight, but we were shortly moving on.

Ducks at Henley Lake

We had arranged to spend the next few nights at Moata Park Over just north of Masterton.  Through the white picket fence and up the long tree lined driveway we went.

Up the long driveway

Passing sheep on the way

There was a warning sign to get past, and then we spotted the little wooden bridge looking just the sort of bridge which could well have a troll hiding underneath.

Warning sign at the entrance, and a rickety bridge just right for a troll to hide under

With a bit of fancy maneuvering, the three of us were soon settled on site.  Our van and Bill and Val’s were parked side on so that we could share the shade of the awnings, and Lorraine parked her camper at the end to give us some shelter from the blustery wind.

On site at Moata POP

After five days away we were in dire need of a visit to the launderette.  Just because we are on holiday, the laundry never stops, does it.

Never ending laundry duties for Jenny, Lorraine and Val

Bill braved the blustery conditions and went for a bike ride

And then these two checked out what was underneath Bill’s van

Later on as we were enjoying the shade under the awnings we could hear Val hard at work in her kitchen.  She surprised us with some cheese and bacon scones for afternoon tea.  Thanks Val, much appreciated.

Yummy scones for afternoon tea

The wind is just as bad as ever, and now we find out that the country will be hit with a “weather bomb”.  We will have to batten down the hatches - just as well we plan to sit tight for the next few days. 

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Janice said...

What a pretty place to camp. Look after yourselves in the windy weather and watch out for trolls.