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Monday, January 9, 2017

Caravan Housework

Not only has the interior of the caravan had a tidy up, floors, bathroom, fridge etc, but the outside too.  Robin climbed up the ladder with a hose and brush in hand to clean the walls and roof of the van.



Then he asked for help – would I hold the ladder steady as he climbed up even higher?  Of course I would, valiantly holding on to the ladder for grim death as the hose dripped all over me.  That must be the ultimate in wifely devotion, surely?

After lunch he took a trip to the local caravan sales yard to buy a necessity, a second toilet cassette.  And to make sure he came home with the correct sort, he took the little booklet which came with the original.  It would be no good making a purchase like that to find it didn’t fit now, would it?

What every caravan needs, a 2nd toilet cassette, just in case


Janice said...

He's a good lad. We are just learning the joys of toilet cassettes and cleaning a big van. Mick did ours a week ago, as it was looking rather grimy from road works we had been through back in November. Not a bad idea having a "just in case" cassette.

Allison said...

Cleaning the van at the end of a trip and also at the beginning of a trip are Peter's job's. I do the inside sorting and putting away when we go. That's what we are doing at present, getting ready for the next adventure in about two weeks time. We have just purchased two new 'tanks' one for fresh water (inpreparation for our BIG round Australia trip) and one for grey water (some places are getting strict on self-contained). I should blog about that LOL. We only have one toilet cassette, but have many friends who carry a spare.