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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Moving on to Kahutura

You know the temperature has dropped overnight when the shampoo is hard to pour out of the bottle for the morning shower.  This was further confirmed with a peek out of the caravan window.  Just look at that snow cover on the top of the Tararua Ranges – no wonder the temperature has dropped.  Cameras were clicking as our group of campers at Moata Farm snapped pictures – all remarking that it is January in mid summer, after all, so this snow fall is quite unexpected.  Perhaps it is the tail end of the weather bomb as it passed through.  This is the other (Wairarapa) side of the Tararua Ranges – our home at Levin is somewhere over all those peaks.

Snow covered peaks

Saying goodbye to our Dethletts neighbours we hooked up and made  the obligatory stop at the local dump station.  Then we were on our way travelling through the Wairapapa townships 40kms to our next stop at Kahutura School for our rally weekend.  Hay making is in full swing, as we passed by many paddocks dotted with round hay bales waiting to be put away under cover.

A total of eight vans and campers arrived for the weekend, including John, Deb and their grandchildren from the Wairarapa Club.  The awful wind had gone, and it promised to be a great weekend.

On site at Kahutura School

A few of the neighbours came to say hello over the fence.

Some of the locals came for a dip in the school swimming pool and were having a great time.  But we were disappointed to see that they took the family dog in the water with them – that surely can’t be very hygienic!  There is also a BMX bike track in the school grounds which is well used.  The visiting grandkids have been whizzing about on their bikes and I asked the little boy if it was hard going over all those bumps.  “No, not for me”, he replied, “I’ve got a BMX bike”.

Enjoying the sun shine

Wonder what the Rally Families have in store for us this weekend?  Whatever it is, it’s sure to be a fun weekend.

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Janice said...

I'm glad the bad weather has passed. I can't believe that snow. We had a cooler night last night too, down to 11 degrees. Mick joked about the "F" word - frost. Fortunately, nowhere near that cold. Enjoy your weekend.