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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Redcliffe – home to Big Brother and the Bee Gees

My big brother lives in Redcliffe, Brisbane, and it had been quite some years since we had met up.  So we made contact on our arrival, and arranged to meet up today, Tuesday.  The trusty Garmin was programmed, and took us out of the city and on our way, through one suburb after another, along a motorway or two,  until we reached Redcliffe Peninsular, a trip of about 30km.  Brian and Noeleen welcomed us into their home, put the coffee pot on, and we caught up with all the family news.

We lunched at the rather swish Mon Komo restaurant opposite the beach,  and then it was the usual story, what to choose from the menu.  The meals were delicious, lamb for the blokes, fish and prawns for the girls.

Lunch at Mon Komo – Robin, Brian, Noeleen, Jenny

The view from the beach front looked out over Moreton Island, 25kms off shore, and is the third largest sand island in the world.  The island covers an area of about 17700ha, and extends for 38 km from north to south, and at its widest it is 8 km across.  Known as an unspoilt paradise, it would be a lovely place to visit.  But not this trip, sadly.

Looking over to Moreton Island

The Redcliffe Jetty has been considered the heart of the Peninsula ever since ships carrying holiday makers started arriving in the late 1800s.  This is the third jetty, and features heritage lights, seats and drinking fountains in recognition of the two previous structures.

Redcliffe Jetty

What we didn’t know was that the brothers Gibb, the Bee Gees, were brought up in Redcliffe, and their lives are celebrated in the Bee Gees Way.


The Bee Gees Way was full of photos, statues, films, and their music was playing continuously.  My son Michael was a real fan of the Bee Gees as a teenager, and played their records over and over, so I was exposed to their music too, and really enjoyed it.

Bee Gees as young boys


Sadly, only one of the brothers is still alive, the eldest, Barry.  With his long flowing locks, Barry was always my favourite.  There was a plaque written by Barry Gibb,  telling of the boys early times in Redcliffe.

“Swimming with tigers and breaking the rules, living on friendship and acting like fools
But the dream was always there within us, around us, whispering in our ears
Pushing us forward, to places unknown, always together and always alone
The dream was relentless and fame was the spur, asleep here in Redcliffe and waiting to stir
Unforgettable Redcliffe, you stand where we were

Many thanks to Brian and Noeleen for taking us to this special place – it certainly brought back memories of all those fabulous Bee Gees songs.


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Janice said...

What a lovely part of the world they live in. It looks like yet another lovely day. The Bee Gees Way sounds great. Funnily enough, they were born on the Isle of Man, where we visit and you gave the dimensions of Moreton Island. It sounds to be very similar in size to the Isle of Man.