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Monday, 5 September 2016

Firing up the Baby Q

The family were visiting so what to have for lunch?  How about a succulent leg of New Zealand lamb cooked on our Baby Q barbecue?  Dotted with a few sprigs of rosemary, it smelt so delicious as it sizzled away.  Our probe type thermometer made sure it was cooked to perfection.

Leg of lamb for Sunday lunch cooking away

After lunch we sat and enjoyed looking at daughter Nicky’s photos from their recent trip to England.  That’s after Robin worked out how to turn all the photos from side on to the right way up on our TV!  One of their highlights was a spending a couple of nights on a narrow-boat, owned by a friend’s  parents.  Unfortunately they didn’t get to experience going through any locks, but there is always next time.

They spent a couple of nights on a narrow-boat

And how often do you find a town sporting your name?  Lozells was one of the areas caught up in the infamous Birmingham Riots of 2005.  Bet Nicky and Robert didn’t realise that when they passed through their namesake town.


Film show over, we bored them with details of our upcoming trip – not long to go till we fly out.  Now they had eaten us out of house and home it was time for the family to say goodbye and head back home.  As always, it was lovely catching up with them.

Emma, Robert, Nicky, Megan and Robin

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Janice said...

There's nothing better than roast lamb. It sounds like they had a wonderful trip to the UK.