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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Last Day in Brisbane

It’s hot and sunny again in Brisbane, not that we are complaining, you understand.  With the school holidays in full swing, the CBD is chock full of family groups, and sultry looking teenage girls. 

We have been very interested in all the bike stands we have found around the city, such as this one, just outside our apartment building.  There are 150 CityCycle bike stations with up to 2000 bikes available across the inner city.  CityCycle, Brisbane's public bike share scheme, is an active and sustainable type of public transport that encourages more people to cycle around the inner city, a quick, affordable and easy alternative to short trips by car, public transport or walking.

Row of CityCycle bikes outside our apartment building

Front door to our apartment building

We had a little shopping spree today – never a good thing to do when the weather is hot and sticky.  Found some new shorts for Robin, and a couple of items for me.  We had never been in a Myer’s store before, not too sure if this company has shops in New Zealand. 

Been shopping

We lunched at one of the many Food Halls dotted around close by.  Robin went for an old favourite, burger and chips, while I decided to try something different, and ordered ginger pork and rice from the hard working Japanese cooks.

Cooking up my lunch

Our Aussie adventure is almost over.  Tomorrow will be an early morning as we have to return the hire car and get to the airport by 5.30am.  There could well be a go slow with staff taking industrial action, we will have to wait and see how it all works out.


Susan said...

Loved reading about your adventures and I am sorry the holiday is over, I'll miss the updates. One day I would love to do the train journey too

Jenny and Robin said...

Thank you Susan, we are pleased that you have enjoyed "tagging along" om our holiday with us.

texascraft said...

Great reading of your adventures in Australia and seeing part of our country. You have even been to some places we haven't seen, well done. Pleased the trip went of well.

Janice said...

Quite a few cities seem to be offering bikes for hire, they've just a couple of weeks ago started it here. I hope it goes well for them. They are a great idea for seeing a place. Myer is a large department store chain that started out in Melbourne. For some time all capital cities and most regional centres had a Myer as it's main department store. Grace Bros was another one. We had one here for many years, but it has sadly closed about twenty years ago. Orange, about 50kms up the road has maintained theirs, with many Bathurst people travelling up when they want something of a bit better quality than the run of the mill chain stores. Sadly, it will close at the end of the year. How was your ginger and rice? It sounded rather tasty.