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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Day 3 – Kings Out Back Tour

What a treat – no alarm clock going off in early hours of the morning.  That’s not to say we didn’t wake up bright and early, but at least there was no rushing around.  And we had time to go and enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the restaurant.  Then it was time to collect our belongings, pack the bags and check out.  The bags were put in storage till our coach arrived in the early afternoon.  That gave us time to sit and relax, write yesterday’s blog, catch up on reading, and rest our weary feet.

Waiting for the coach

The coach arrived right on time, the passengers and cases were speedily loaded, and we were on our way, heading towards our next hotel at Kings Canyon.  But what’s this on the road?  It was a bunch of camels towing a cart merrily along the road – all in the interests of film making, we were told.  I was a bit slow getting my camera out, and almost missed them.

Camels on the road

The views out the window constantly changed as we sped along, from red sandy soil with sparse growth, wildflowers dotted around, scrubby looking bush, and bigger trees.  We passed salt lakes, dirt roads heading off into goodness knows where,  and spotted wild camels in the distance.cross country

The ever changing country

Another massive stone monolith seemingly rose from the ground.  This was the flat topped Mt Connor, also known as Atila and called Ice Man by the Aborigine people.

Mt Connor

The coach pulled into Kings Canyon Resort and we were soon settled into our rooms.  Two beds again, a large TV, and our own little balcony.

Our accommodation for the night

With sunset coming up, we joined the crowds at the Viewing Platform to watch the sun go down and change the play of colours across Carmichaels Crag.

Waiting for the sun to go down

Carmichaels Crag

We dined in the Outback BBQ and Grill, and had a delicious meal.  Robin chose a kangaroo steak, lovely and tender and cooked to perfection, he said.  My choice was barramundi fish with crispy skin, so much nicer than the first time I tried it.  Plus prawns on a skewer, which I shared with Robin – I really love these Aussie prawns.   The meals were served with a jacket potato, bread roll, and your choice from the salad bar, all so yummy.

One lone chef cooking for the crowds

The evening passed very pleasantly as we sat and listened to local singer/songwriter Rod Dowsett perform.  I was so enthralled when he sang a very passionate version of one of my favourite songs, Halleluiah, written by Leonard Cohen, that I approached him later to say how much I enjoyed it.  It doesn't take much to make me happy!

Our evening entertainment

It was another great day, with more adventures to come tomorrow.


Janice said...

Finally, a sunset, and what beautiful colours. It sounds like the perfect day. Looking forward to seeing you next enthralling installment.

texascraft said...

So pleased you are seeing a lovely lot of Australian countryside and its not raining. I love prawns tto.

NickiJ said...

Wow, Mt Connor is pretty impressive. Lots of great rock formations.