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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Guess what we found?

Have you heard the latest?  After months of planning, and waiting and waiting, we are almost ready to start out on our Aussie Adventure.  This is all planned around a trip on the fabulous Ghan Train, travelling from Adelaide to Darwin.  And hip hip hooray, it’s almost time to go.

Robin clambered up the pull down ladder up into the loft to retrieve our suitcases.  And what’s this we found tucked away?  It’s a set of door keys – last seen on our trip to Raratonga, Cook Islands,  in about 2004!  He put them away safely so we wouldn’t lose them, and we presumed that they had been left behind in our motel unit all those years ago.  The keys are no use to us now as we no longer live in that house.

The missing keys

Another thing we found was a little folder containing some Australian Travellers Cheques.  This dates back to an even longer ago trip, when we travelled around Tasmania.  Of course, travellers cheques are no longer used, and we sheepishly took them down to the bank.  Hoping against hope that they wouldn’t laugh us out of the bank, and tell us that they couldn’t be cashed in after all this time.  Luckily, for a large fee, they would send them away and deal with them for us.  Phew – thank goodness for that.

We have nice new passports, new fangled cards with Aussie money loaded on, and packing the cases is the next job.  Tomorrow we are having the family around for lunch to hear all about their recent UK trip.  Then in a couple of days we will be off and away ourselves – can’t wait!


Tom and Jan said...

I hope you like 'flat' and 'red'. The latter doesn't have any relationship with wine. In a previous life I was the company line manager for the CAR (Central Australian Railway). If you haven't previously visited Alice Springs I recommend ANZAC Hill and the old telegraph station.

Janice said...

The things you find!

Anonymous said...

I had to smile. Life does change, doesn't it? Hope you have a great trip - and don't find a card 10 years from now. =)

HEATHER B said...

so lovely to keep up with all the daily happenings and know you are all set to have an interesting and amusing Auz trip. All the very best for this adventure and good health and a great time. love from Heather B

Jenny said...

Thank you all - we are heading off very soon now, it's so exciting!
keep reading the blog, and you will get to share our adventures too.