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Thursday, 1 September 2016

First Day of Spring

Spring has arrived in our part of the world.  And after enjoying beautiful warm sunny days over the last few weeks the sunshine is hiding today for the first day of Spring.  It’s cold and cloudy – chilly enough to turn the heat pump on to warm things up today.  And all we have got to show outside for the first day of Spring is one lonely little daffodil.

One solitary daffodil in flower

Chilly or not, the birds are happy and love checking out the various items on offer at the feeding station.  Bird seed, fat balls, pieces of fruit, they are happy with whatever I give them each day, and fight and squabble amongst themselves as the vie for the best places to hang on to as they feed.  Others are just happy to hop around on the lawn and wait for all the bits to drop down.

Happy birds outside

And we are happy that Spring has arrived.  Daylight saving starts on the last Sunday in September, so that’s only a few weeks away.  Roll on Summer!

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Bernice said...

Have a great trip, we did the Ghan a few years ago, actually many years ago, it was a very loooooong trip with lots of red dirt to look at!! But Alice Springs, Uluru and the Olga's were a highlight. Have a great time.