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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pulling into Darwin

Our last day on the Ghan was just as delightful as the rest of the trip.  Our cabin was 5 cars away from the lounge and restaurant car, we found out.  So we explained to the booking officer about my accident and asked if we could possibly be allocated a cabin closer to the facilities.  Sadly, nothing closer was available.  But once the trip was underway, we were told that another couple would change cabins with us.  Their sofa seat faced backwards which they didn’t care for, and was two carriages closer to the lounge, while ours faced forwards.  So a quick change was made, all concerned were thanked profusely, and all parties were happy.  And I had less distance to clomp and stumble awkwardly down the train.

The lounge area

More unusual items were offered in the restaurant, and we tasted crocodile sausage for breakfast, buffalo curry for lunch, lemon myrtle cheesecake for dessert, all new flavours for us.
Another tasty meal in the restaurant car

The landscape changed considerably, and we noticed termite mounds dotted around, little ones, and giant sized.  They were everywhere.  We also spotted wild brumbies, and white Brahman cattle.

Termite mounds everywhere

An announcement over the train loud speaker had everyone lined up at the windows, cameras in hand, as we crossed over the Adelaide River.  And alongside was the original train bridge spanning the river.

Adelaide River

We were getting closer and we could see the rather hazy Darwin skyline.  Almost there now.

Almost at Darwin

The Ghan pulled into Darwin station, and we stepped outside.  Whew – we could tell that we are now in the tropics – it was just like stepping into a sauna.  We gathered up our bags, found the correct coach to take us into the city, and Darwin, we have arrived.

The hard working engines on our train

We are staying in Darwin for three nights.  Thank goodness our room has air conditioning!


What’s next?  A trip to Kakadu National Park tomorrow.


texascraft said...

Always everything is air conditoned I wouldn't have coped otherwise

Janice said...

It's lovely when someone can be so accommodating by swapping cabins. Your dinner had dishes we have never tasted either.