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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Tea and Cake with Waka Huia

It was afternoon tea and catch up time with the crew of Waka Huia yesterday.  David and Marilyn have the best of both worlds, having the time of their lives cruising the canals of Britain on their narrow boat Waka Huia during the English summer.  And then they come back home to enjoy their second summer season in New Zealand.  They write an interesting blog about all their adventures, appropriately called N B Waka Huia – The Treasure Box.

We met up at Geoff and Eileen’s property yesterday for afternoon tea - and what a lovely spread it was.  Marilyn is a great cook, (just read their blog to see what delights she regularly produces at seemingly no trouble at all) and came bearing a delicious Orange Syrup Cake.  Eileen had whipped up cheese scones, and I took along an apricot slice.  Fortified with food and cups of tea, or coffee, we got down to the serious business of catching up with news since our last get-together a year ago.

Robin and Jenny, David, Eileen, Marilyn and Geoff

Marilyn told us about her interesting new job where she gets to fly back and forth to Hokitikia over Cook Strait and the mighty Southern Alps mountain range in a tiny plane – white knuckle flying and not for the faint hearted.  The conversation ranged from narrow boats, and that subject dear to the heart of narrow boaters everywhere – toilets!  (We have to tell you Marilyn, caravanners don’t have the same obsession with toilets as boaters seem to.) Blogs we read in common and the interesting people who write them.  Trips taken and trips planned.  Caravans, motorhomes, and the joys of  travelling around New Zealand.  The Waka Huia crew could well be interested in trying out a camper-van holiday on their next trip home it seems, taking to the highways and biways while showing a treasured friend what New Zealand has to offer.

Geoff and Eileen’s collection of narrow boat brasses were a talking point and made quite an impression.  They do look great arranged on the wall.

Collected on Geoff and Eileen’s hire boat trips

Our afternoon came to a close, and the guests took their leave.  Not for long though, when it was discovered that David had left his jersey draped over the back of the couch.  A quick call on the cell phone and they hurriedly back tracked, collected the missing property, and were on their way once more.  They are social butterflies indeed, afternoon tea with us, and dinner out with other friends on their return home.  It was so nice to catch up with them again.

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